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鬼請你睇戲 (1999)
Last Ghost Standing

Reviewed by: Brian Thibodeau
Date: 04/03/2007
Summary: Not perfect, but better than some reviews would have you think...

Pseudo-gonzo horror-comedy isn’t quite up to the bar set by last year’s truly gonzo BIO-ZOMBIE, but does earn at least a couple of stripes for thinking outside the box in which Hong Kong genre outings have of late become increasingly confined. One the eve of its closure—indeed, on the eve of the millennium—the motley staff of an alluringly tattered old picture palace, tellingly located at 666 King’s Road, must face off with a collection of delightfully, deliberately rinky-dink monsters unleashed by Satan (Francis Ng), who’s grown tired of poor films and inattentive theatre owners and decides to put this little microcosm of oddballs to the test! Leading the charge, after dishy girlfriend Sherming Yiu is unpleasantly dispatched by the demon, is sheepish projectionist Simon Loui, jittery, goggle-eyed ticket vendor Wayne Lai (in a terrific performance) and sassy cop Pauline Suen. Meanwhile, chasing a turd monster (!) down the toilets in the upstairs washrooms are stoned rave punks Benny Chan, Angela Tong and Pinky Cheung. While allusions are frequently and rather obviously drawn to Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS (1985) because of the locale and the trio of punks, the film’s primary mainspring is very likely Peter Jackson’s DEAD ALIVE (aka BRAINDEAD, 1992), from the emphatically saccharine romance between Simon and Sherming, to the squishy, rubbery, puppet-y quality of the shoestring special effects, to the blatant editing cheats that prolong some setpieces a bit beyond their sell-by date. To be sure, it’s no DEAD ALIVE, but its makers have their hearts in the right place, and if their low-fi ingenuity won’t stand up to careful appraisal, it isn’t really meant to anyway: it’s meant to wink at the audience along with the cast and crew, who clearly enjoyed being given free run of a theatre for a few days to craft something just a little bit...different. 8.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 04/23/2002
Summary: CRAP

This is complete and utter crap. This film couldn't be suited to anyone. One of the worst films I've ever seen, with about a full 10 seconds of enjoyment in this 90 minute mess.


Reviewed by: danton
Date: 01/03/2002

Both Brian's review site and Tim Young's review site have posted extremely positive reviews of this 1999 horror comedy, and for the life of it I cannot understand why. This film is awful!

Shot on a shoestring budget, this movie strives mightily hard to be witty and scary and hopefully achieve cultfilm status. And indeed, parts of it have a certain freshness and playfulness that you don't see much anymore in commercial cinema (unless the director's name is Ed Wood). The plot, insofar as there is one, has to do with the last show at an old movie theatre that's about to be closed down for good. An assortment of cheesy looking guys in monster suits (the ghosts) decide to wreak havoc on an assortment of cheesy looking actors. That's about it. SO you have 85 minutes of various monsters chasing various actors, several severed limbs, lots of icky fluids, and some sequences ripped of from other films, such as the toiletbowl scene in Trainspotting.

There's a morale at the end of the story (well, sort of), but since it was obvious from the beginning, no big payoff there. Francis Ng has a brief cameo, as does Ching Kar Lok (doing a silly Jackie Chan parody). The only other actors I recognized were Amada Lee, Sherming Yiu and Pinky Cheung.

If you can grab this one on VCD for under 5 bucks, it might be worth a try, otherwise stay away.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 04/30/2001
Summary: Ummm..........

WEll i read 2 reviews on this movie, one saying crap (Ryan) and another hong kong page said it was good!! So i guess i got the deciding vote...........RYAN wins!!

This is very low budget movie!! It aims to scary but it doesn't!! It's comedy in some parts was quite funny but it's not consistent enough!! It's also a bit weird so those who take drugs might be "spun out" with this movie!!

It's also a short movie!!

In terms of performances, Wayne LAi is EXCELLENT!! His performance as the eccentric manager is the best i have seen him in!! Almost worth watching the movie for him...........almost!!


Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Last Ghost Standing (1999)

In recent years, with the local film industry going through hard times, producers have tended to make low budget productions. Ghost movies are a favourite, as you can make the whole movie with a few sets. With the coming of Holloween, two Hong Kong ghost movies have been released at more or less the same time. First let's take a look at Billy CHUNG Siu-hung's 'Last Ghost Standing'.

'Last Ghost Standing' is on the last day of 1999. A couple, Yeung Yeung (Simon LOUI Yue-yeung) and Yiu Yiu (Sherming YIU Lok-yee), are looking forward to a good time over the holiday. However, Yeung Yeung still has to go to work for the last show of a theatre which will be closing on 1.1.2000. The ghosts in the theatre are very upset about the closure and they intended to kill everybody in the theatre. Yeung Yeung, Yiu Yiu, the officials (LAI Yiu-cheung and Amanda LEE Wai-man) are their targets. And so the horror begins ......

In terms of the plot, the idea of 'Last Ghost Standing' is good. In addition to a ghost story, it's a romance. However, the overall execution of the movie is one of the poorest productions of the year! What's wrong with it?

Although the basic story idea is good, there's not enough detail to fill the whole 90 minutes. As the main plot is too simple to carry the movie on its own, while the director has failed to make the little details interesting, all sorts of little bits and pieces have been thrown in to liven things up. Apart from LAI Yiu-cheung, Simon LOUI and Sherming YIU, the other actors seem to be in worlds of their own. They don't interract with each other.

Francis NG Chun-yu is just there for the beginning and end, and NG Chi-hung only appears during the first few minutes. CHAN Ho-man, TONG Ying-ying and Pinky CHEUNG Man-chi only show up during the sub-plot with the faeces monster. This sort of thing is unacceptable in Hong Kong Cinema nowadays. Maybe the structure would be better if they clearly indicated that 'Last Ghost Standing' is a movie divided into 3-4 parts.

Billy CHUNG Siu-hung, who previously directed the disappointing 'Trust Me U Die' (1999), still hasn't mastered the art of directing a movie. Throughout the movie he continually strives to make it longer, which just makes it more boring. The audience are totally annoyed by seeing the faeces monsters for minutes on end in repeated shots.

I understand that it is a low budget production as you can see most of the scenes are set in a theatre, but I think at least they should put more effort into setting things up. Nowadays the audience are very annoyed by shoddy 'horror stuff'. For example, having a dead head on screen for minutes, and a mummy, is too old-fashioned. Basically, the whole thing needs to be more horrible. Now it looks like a one-man show.

As the movie is lacking in content with very poor structure and direction, viewers easily get impatient after the first 15 minutes. If you really want to watch the movie, I would advise you to get prepared or you are just wasting your time and money.