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k (1999)
Iron Sister

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Iron Sister (1999)

'Iron Sister' puts 'Naked performance of HSU Chi' as the main selling point of the movie. In fact, when you take a look at the posters and lobby cards of 'Iron Sister' in Hong Kong, you will find that most of them are taken from the erotic scenes. Maybe this is the main selling point for the whole movie.

The plot of 'Iron Sister' happened at the end of World War II. SUEN Tie-mei (HSU Chi), grew up in the mountains which has been engaged to WONG Hui but was pregnant before married. WONG was died in an action against Japanese occupation while her Dad was hurt during the action. Tie-mei's Dad was rescued by TUNG Kong. Subsequently Tie-mei married TUNG Kong but without love. Five years passed, Tigerese (daughter of Tie-mei) has no feeling to her Dad. TUNG started cheating money from Tie-mei's Dad for his lover's living. Finally TUNG even killed Tie-mei Dad for money. Tie-mei intends to do something for revegeance.

If you come to see 'Iron Sister' for SHU Kei, I am very confident to tell you that you will be totally disappointed. There are only one scenes for SHU Kei bathing in the river followed by love scene. Yeap, one and only one. There is another love scene between LAU Hok-yin and YEUNG Yi-ting. That's all. In fact, 'Iron Sister' is only a story of revegeance happened in a small village during World War II.

Disregard the redundant love scene, the whole story seems to be a bit typical and old fashioned. It's just a story about tragedy in families. The whole plot can flow okay but I consider lots of stuffs can be added to make the whole movie with more stuffs.

In short, I don't think it's a movie that should add such love scene while the addition of the love scene cna't help in attracting audience. If you look for SHU Kei, you'll be totally disappointed by 'Iron Sister'.