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99雪在燒 (1999)
Burning with Desire

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Burning with Desire (1999)

It seems that that KO Fei has got lots of directions that will be showing in a new Category III movie circuit Kam Sing Tong. After his direction 'Hitman's Call', his another direction 'Burning with Desire' is now showing. Once again, it casts with CHIN Siu-ho and Korean crew. The whole movie is film in Korea.

'Burning with Desire' started with the saying about the rule of marriage. In fact, it's a tragedy for marriage. Jenny (KAM Suk-kei) has been prositutes and she fell in love with CHO Cha-lei. They get married subsequently and Jenny quitted her job and they run a bar. However, with time goes on, Jenny felt that she is a kind of sex machine in CHO's point of view. CHO seems unlike the relationship between he and Jenny and tried to get fun from other girls outside. One day, Jenny met TIN Siu-ho (TANG Wing-ho) and they fell in love. He subsquently worked in Jenny's bar. Then Siu-ho becomes the folks of CHO and Jenny tried to make use of Siu-ho to know how CHO behave outside. Siu-ho considered he can get money from CHO while get love from Jenny by inducing her, he doesn't know that he's been in a trap......

Concerning the plot of the movie, it looks okay. In fact, it the plot can present well, it can be an above-average movie. Unfortunately, like 'Hitman's Call', you will find tons of sex scenes in between in a sudden. By watching the first five minutes, you can get the love scene between CHO Cha-lei and KAM Suk-kei. Then you can also get tons of love scenes from CHO and other girls as well as TANG Wing-ho with KAM.

Franly speaking, for an audience who would like to see the love scenes, they may find it hard to tolorate CHO Cha-lei as he's fat and you can get the joy. The only way for audience to feel good is to get more variety. However, the ways is also a bit old-fashioned. I expect that they can make use of the environment of the bar and get some fun but failed.

For most of the moment, you can only see CHO making love. Relatively, they tried to present the minds of Jenny through a priest. However, I consder it better for the priest to have more scene. Maybe a kind like Spencer LAM Sheung-yee in 'Young and Dangerous' series will be more suitable.

It also looks like a movie with calculation and they have to put some actions in a way that is not very smooth. I think if they would like to put up the triad scene, they should at leat put some elaboration at the beginning of the movie rather than putting it up in a weird way.

In short, 'Burning with Desire' is another porn movie. For those who are the fans of CHO Cha-lei, you may enjoy 'Burning with Desire'. For others, I think you can have a much better choice.