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殺手自由人 (1999)
Hitman's Call

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Hitman's Call (1999)

Though Hong Kong movie industry is still at its difficult time, there is a new circuit formed without much attraction to the publice. A new circuit Kam Sing Tong formed on 6 June 1999. This circuit formed by 5 theatres which are used to be porn houses. 'Hitman's Call' is their opening movie for the circuit.

The story of 'Hitman's Call' started by Chi-ho (CHIN Siu-ho) who killed the son of the head of triad in Korea. Subsequently what you can expect is that the head of the triad has release a death notice to kill Chi-ho. By the time Chi-ho killed the son of the triad head, there is a witness -- Anna, a young girl who seems to be fallen in love with Chi-ho by his eyes. During the investigation of the case, the cops followed Anna and her friend Ruby to find if there is anything about the murder. One day, Chi-ho entered Anna's house and they fall in love. However, at the same time the killers from the triad head is coming......

The story of 'Hitman's Call' seems to be a typical killer and revengeance movie. With long-haired CHIN Siu-ho and an innocent LEE Suk-mui, KO Fei tried to make the movie as a kind of romantic killer movie. Unfortunately, I cannot see if they can fulfill their purpose.

In terms of romance, it seems that the stuffs are old-fashioned and a bit outdated. In addition to its low pace of progress, audience seems to be a bit impatient. In fact, the descriptions between Anna and Tin-ho is quite empty. In terms of murder, all kinds of murder are very typical that all the stuffs are almost predictable. You can almost find everything from movies in late 80s.

One of the strange things about the movie is that they put up some separate love scenes in between the movie. One is made by Tin-ho and Anna, one by CHO Cha-lei and Ruby and so on. It seems that this is for the purpose of overseas distribution. However, I do think there is a way for them to make this movie is a more smooth and consistant way rather than making it strange.

In terms of performance, I consider the performance of LEE Suk-mui is the best among the performers. The position of CHIN Siu-ho and CHO Cha-lei is very typical. Once again, CHIN is performed as killer while CHO Cha-lei dominates in most of the love scenes. The only good point for the movie maybe the feeling of the fighting at the end.

On the whole, 'Hitman's Call' seems to be a movie for a romantic killer. However, with the poor combination between sex, romance and killer element, it makes the whole movie looks weird and impatient to watch.