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皇者之種 (1999)
Royal Sperm

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Royal Sperm (1999)

KO Fei seems to be the greatest support for Kam Sing Tog circuit as he's put his current directions to let Kam Sing Tong Circuit. 'Royal Sperm' is the third movie at Kam Sing Tong Circuit and it's still KO Fei's direction. Again, it casts with CHIN Siu-ho but this time Simon LOUI Yue-yeung is also cast in the movie which makes the movie a bit strong in casting.

Judging from the title, probably you know the story is about Royal Sperm -- Sperm of an Emperor. Long time ago, an Emperor tried to put his sperm into a special cone and he hope that his sperm can be used to make his offsprings which can help him to get back the kingdom. CHIN Siu-ho is the son who is born with the sperm of the Emperor and with superior quality. He lives in a normal way as an athletic. One day, a strange girl tried to ask CHIN to make love with her to make more kids with royal sperm. On the other hand, Simon LOUI is also the guy who is made with royal sperm. However, due to his education, he is very dictative and aimed at controlling the world. Once he knows that there exists CHIN who also owns royal sperm, he wants to kill CHIN to make himself unique.

Concerning the plot, I consider it a bit strange. Some of the issues are presented in a broken way. First, it is not clear for the roles of CHIN Siu-ho and how the tales from the girl affects him. There is also not enough contents about CHIN and his girl. This is important is presenting the whole story. It seems that they tried just to make the movie with action and sex.

In addition, sometimes the editing of the movie is very strange. They add up lots of unrelated dancing or ceremony scene inside the movie. Maybe they would like to present how royal CHIN is but it could not work totally. In addition, like KO Fei's previous directions, there are some unrelated love scenes in between. I really cannot understand what is the sense by adding these scenes in the movie. Definitely, it is only for meeting the requirements of distributing to other places. I think if this is the case, I prefer them to make pure porns rather that such weird style.

In terms of performers, I am sorry to say that their performance are without heart for most of the time. One of the obvious example is Simon LOUI. He has no opportunity to act and just follow the typical stuffs like a robot.

In short, 'Royal Sperm' is just another poor scripting movie filling typical sex and action scenes. It may be a waste of time for watching them at all. It is hope that they can put more hearts and efforts in making movies, even for Category III porn.