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藍色情迷 (1999)
Love in Blue

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Love in Blue (1999)

After 'The Soft Rod', Kam Shing Tong circuit started showing movies directed by LEE Chiu. His first movie is the circuit is 'Love in Blue'. In view of the casting, it is relatively strong as you can find Roy CHEUNG Yiu-yeung and Elvis TSUI Kam-kong in the movie.

The start of the story is writer KOO Hoi who is died in a car accident while KOO's daughter also died in the accident. His wife has to face all kinds of the changes like her long recovery time. Unfortunately, before KOO died, he borrows lots money from loan-shark Brother TING and TING would like KOO's wife to return all the money. Being too frustrating about her husband's death, KOO's wife moved to an apartment to isolate herself. During that period, she found that KOO's friend would like to use the photos of KOO for a book. However, there is a trick inside. On the other hand, Brother TING tried to locate KOO's wife. All in a sudden, KOO's wife lives adjacent to Sin Sin, a whore who is the girl of brother TING......

When compared with the previous movies showing in Kam Shing Tong circuit, this time you do not find much love scene sin the movie. There are only two short love scenes. However, it is very strange for putting the love scene with Elvis TSUI Kam-kong in the movie. That scene seems to be totally unrelated to the movie while we can't see if there is any relationship between Elvis TSUI and other characters in the movie. It is questioned if they put Elvis TSUI scene only for gimmicks.

The music score is also strange. After watching several Kam Shing Tong productions, you may be interesting to find that they share the same set of music, no matter whether the music suits the situation or not. I don't mind if they repeating using the music in their movies but at least I think they should make the minimum effort in finding a suitable score. Now it turns out that the music is optional.

In terms of the plot, I consider it okay but too dummy and typical. KOO's wife has got very strange characters which make the logic of the movie ridiculous. The escape of debt collector Brother TING is also too typical and without further elaborating on the ending. The focus of the movie seems a bit unclear. Sometimes some plots are irrelevant to the whole movie. For example, I really cannot understand why they put up the scene with KOO's wife in the bed and a unknown lady who seems to be a journalist. Is it for making the whole movie longer?

In terms of the performance, you may be a bit surprised. At the first ten minutes when WOO's wife is in the hospital, you find the performance of the nurse Gigi is very weird. I don't think any nurse will come up with the reactions like Gigi. The performance for others are also lack of heart. They are there just for production.

In short, though 'Love in Blue' looks like a drama more than a Category Porn, the production quality is still unsatisfactory. Typical plots, poor actors and actresses performance and strange music can be found everything in the movie. I wonder if they are making movies only for movie but not for quality.