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千年古劍 (1999)
A Sword of Damocles

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Sword of Damocies, A (1999)

Kam Sing Tong looks like a cinema circuit designated to show porns. All movies showing in this circuit are all Category III pornographic movies. I'm a bit surprised when they show 'A Sword of Damocies', as it is only in Cat. II B. Audience are annoyed by their productions, can this movie change their minds towards the circuit? Let's take a look.

'A Sword of Damocies' starts from the lose of 'Holy Spirit Sword' from the exhibition centre. It is a sword with over thousands years of history. The most amazing thing for the sword is that it has its own spirit by giving its owners unlimited power. The lose is serious as the sword is going for charity sales very soon, the owner of exhibition centre Tony secretly asked Bond (Simon LOUI), a detective, to get back the sword. Bond gathered three girls -- Lei-kwan, Yuk-yee and Kei-kei -- to investigate the case. The sword is stolen by a guy working for Kui (WONG Tin-chat), a billionaire who seeks for power. However, he wish to release the sword to the market once he hold it as he finds he intends to kill people after holding the sword. His assistant Lawrence helped him seeking buyers. However, Lawrence has his conspiracy by helping Kui seeking buyers for the sword ......

When compared with Winners' Category III movies, 'A Sword of Damocies' is more fluent as there is no weird editing for inserting love scene. At least the movie has a focus on the sword and the investigation process. However, in terms of presentation. There are still rooms for them to improve. For the start of the movie, using smoke for getting the guards faint is ridicious and it is also strange that the security for such valuable 'Holy Spirit Sword' is so low.

'A Sword of Damocies' can be much better if they can put more suitable stuffs in their movies. For example, they can put more focus talking about how the girls investigate the case. Now we only know them through their own dialogue, which is difficult to impress audience. The plot should put more efforts on their characteristics.

The sword itself is another area they should put more efforts in development. The movie says that there is a soul in the movie while the sword can give the owner power. So far what we can see for such 'power' is that the owners are just putting up their sword trying to kill guys. At least there should be one example about how the souls helps the owners if the owners' hearts are positive.

It is very interesting to see Bobby YIP King-sang (a.k.a. PAK Leung-kam) is in the movie taking as role for a 'Big Brother'. However, his role is not enough for audience to enjoy. Simon LOUI should be okay in acting but his dialogues are horrible. The topic is too innatural for him to say when talking about helping the Gov't. Relatively, the purpose of the girls in the movie looks like inducing audience rather than investigating the lose of the sword.

'A Sword of Damocies' is a movie more fluent that Winners' previous productions. However, the whole plot still have rooms for improvement. Audience who would like to take a trail should not expect too much for the movie.