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小心女人 (1999)

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Bewitched (1999)

This week seems to be a week for LEE Chiu as we got two LEE Chiu's movies open in Hong Kong. After we have 'Wonton Love' opened on Tuesday, today we have another one -- Bewitched. In addition, this is also LEE Chiu's second direction for Kam Shing Tong Circuit movie after his last week's 'Love in Blue'.

The story started with a bar owner (Elvis TSUI Kam-kong) who took a whore Lam (BO Pui-yue) as his wife. With times go on, Lam cannot satisfy her husband and he subsequently try to get other girls outside to satisfy her sex needs. At that time, a musician Man comes to Lam's bar seeking a job. With the vacant position of singer, Man started working in the bar and living with Lam and her husband. The next thing that you can expect is that Man falls in love with Lam. On the other hand, the real identity of Man is a guy with criminal records. One day, two prisons who were escaped from jail met Man again and they were doing thefts. One day, they robbed Elvis's concubine and ......

If you watch the first 2 minutes of 'Bewitched', I do think that you have no difficulty in identify the genre of the movie as a porn. In fact, they even put up the scene where Elvis TSUI Kam-kong is making love with two girls at the same time by smooching their breasts. However, you do not find much love scenes in the movie. You can find some but all of them are lack of fun.

In view of the plot, it looks very close to Kam Shing Tong's another movie 'Burning with Desire' (1999) -- both of them happened in a bar while both husbands and wives were seeking for concubines while the new man is first come as a criminal and they live with the owner of the bar. Frankly speaking, no matter which version you are watching, you find the plot is so weak that you have no interesting in watching.

Something that I found interesting is that even though this movie casts with BO Pui-yue and Elvis TSUI Kam-kong, their voices were dubbed. I don't know if there is any reason, but I consider this makes the whole movie a bit more hard to tolerate.

In short, unless you are interest in seeing BO Pui-yue in front of big screen, I cannot find any reason to recommend 'Bewitched'.