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雷霆行動 (1995)
Ultimate Revenge

Reviewed by: CaptainAmerica
Date: 06/21/2002
Summary: Or, how NOT to make an action movie!

I thought I saw low-budget films...but this flick makes even LETHAL PANTHER 2 look like it had a mega-budget! Picture this: for some scenes in ULTIMATE REVENGE -- and I'm absolutely NOT kidding -- protagonists and antagonists played at shooting at each other, clearly not firing blank rounds, letting the sound effects do the work! Suspension of disbelief is one thing, but come on! Editing? You WISH it was good!

Good news: the filmmakers must have saved their money to waste a ton of blanks in the rollicking... *yawn* Zzzzzz...whup! Bad news: sorry, nothing that special about the finale, either! The story ain't so good, either..."ultimate" revenge, my foot! "Same old" revenge is more like it, the same as you'd find in any low-budget actioner, East or West!

In this case it's the Phillipines, lowball film capitol of the planet. There are bright spots in this film, but they're trapped in the ho-hum air of the overall movie. Those brightest spots are Lily Li (not the same actress of the Shaw Brothers classics, but a striking actress I've never seen before this film...if she's seen this film, I doubt she'd want to do another one!), Cynthia Khan and Kim Maree Penn. But where such actresses pull a film up with their performances, this flick just drags them down and it's a shame. Cynthia's part as a police madam (again!) is little more than an extended cameo, and Kim only gets a little more screen time -- but not by much -- as the right hand villainess of Ronnie Ricketts. By the way, Ronnie chews the scenery even more than he did in LETHAL PANTHER 2 and HARD TO KILL aka INTERPOL CONNECTION, but you can tell even he must be thinking: "Somebody, get me out of this!" Kim and Cynthia square off in the finale, one of the few good things to happen, but it's executed so bad what should have been a high-octane fight turns into a lost cause that doesn't even last two minutes.

Ugh! Somebody should save Cynthia Khan...not from organized crime bad boys, but from bad movies like this!