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帶你嫖韓日 (1992)
James Wong in Japan & Korea

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 06/10/2001
Summary: Rude and rather dull

I love James Wong's beautiful music, but this film displays the other side of his character - the loudmouthed super-lecher, known as Godfather to his two co-stars. He tells them exactly what to do and what you can get away with, whilst trying to get it in when you go to Korea and Japan, and the limitations in HK.

There's no full frontal here, but the hugely and continuously rude language, preoccupation with sex, and some of the material makes up the Cat III rating quite comfortably. Nothing remarkably enlightening, but then, that's hardly the aim.

I am reliably informed that none of the people who purport to be Japanese speak anything like good Japanese, and are most likely all Chinese actors. This is possibly true of most of the Koreans as well. The location shots, however, are genuine.

I cannot really recommend this cheap and mostly recycled effort.

Reviewer Score: 2