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引郎入室 (1992)
Erotic Passion

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/22/2000
Summary: Some passion, but not erotic

Well below average.
Opens with a hilarious scene, which involves Shum Key being seduced by the Ghost King's wife, and the Ghost King getting very annoyed. Key and the wife share a full-on nude sex scene. But that's the end of it ! Despite lots of sexy talk, there's not even a topless scene to follow. In other words, some Passion, but no Erotic. There are a few okay fight scenes, and the climactic showdown between two separate groups, is pretty good, but far too little to hold interest. Suitable only for the most ardent fans of Lily Lee or Rena Otomo.
Note : The running time is just on 60 minutes. It is therefore possible that there was a large amount of nude/sex scenes edited out.

Reviewer Score: 3