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94'應召女郎 (1994)
Call Girl

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/16/2004
Summary: Enjoyable but cruel

This is one of those downward trajectory of a young woman stories. The Tai Seng summary is slightly wrong - it's the girl's no-good gambling father who sells her to the brothel.

There are more than half a dozen cute (and mostly unnamed) young women who get full frontal nude, and there is plenty of full nudity and sex scenes, including one hilarious one between a girl and a stuttering ugly man.

There is cruelty here. When the girl, Orchid, refuses to consent to service customers, she is stripped naked and whipped. Later, she contracts syph. Ugh.

The music, though standard porn fare, stands out for being hilariously brassy and loud.

The credits ordering warrants comment. Wong Wing Fong is given top billing on-screen, despite her being in the opening scene only, and her character not being named or even referred to in the rest of the film. Therefore, I have ordered the credits in the order they appear on the laserdisc cover, which are more accurate.

Overall, better than most average cheap porns.

Reviewer Score: 5