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吻狼之問題少女 (1994)
Picking Up Girls

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/05/2004
Summary: Sex everywhere

There are at least a dozen nude/sex scenes in this film, featuring about half a dozen women fully nude. Quantity but only moderate quality, and the sex scenes are on the whole rather dull.

The story has the feel of a Carry-On film, in that it jumps around among a group of characters, without much of a story and more emphasis on the comedic. Mostly it's quite enjoyable without being great.

One oddity is that Tsui Man Wa, who almost always does nude scenes, appears to have used a body double here. Watch closely, and you'll see her top and bottom halves are filmed separately during her sex scene. Strange.

I was quite happy to sit through this one, mainly because I'd seen it a number of years ago, and had been trying to work out who was in it ever since, but also because it features some actor I have much affection for, including the very likeable Tsui, the sexy Rena and Pooi Kei, and of course the hilarious Boon Feng.

Now, if I can only find a print of this film which lists more than the top five actors, I'll be contented.

Reviewer Score: 5