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ݮtk (1993)
Part-Time Lady

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/12/2000

Suen Tong is one of the few actresses in HK who is busty enough to double for Amy Yip, and she (Suen) is about the only reason to watch this cheapie. When clothed, Suen always wears low-cut dresses. She has one shower scene, 43 minutes in, which is filmed without flair (the camera simply moves straight up and down), and one sex scene near the end. Three other actresses provide a little nudity and some very dull sex scenes.
Former Sgt Pok chases the likely killer using the Columbo method, but it wouldn't have taken Peter Falk to work it out ! Not much mystery, and not worth watching for the sex scenes.
Only just watchable for diehard fans of Suen Tong (such as myself !), pretty awful for anyone else.

Reviewer Score: 6