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制服誘惑2地下法庭 (2000)
Raped by an Angel 5: The Final Judgement

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 10/09/2005
Summary: disappointment.

This film was called Naked Killer 2000 in pre-production.

What a disappointment. I had been looking forward to seeing this latest installment of the popular film series. Parts 3 and 4 were good films with interesting plot twists and nice performances from the actors involved. When this latest film went into production, it was hyped as a sequel to Part 2 of the series, Raped by an Angel 2: the Uniform Fan, where the villain has a 'thing' for ladies in any kind of uniform..

After putting together such a good cast[see photo], the director Billy Tang [Haunted Karaoke, Casino] and scriptwriter Cary Cheng have totally wasted them in a silly story that holds no mystery or suspense. The best part of the film comes at the very end, involving award-winning actress Helena Law, but the 89 minutes getting there is just dreadful, except for Pinky Cheung's performance and Lee Fei's performance as 'Bondy', the Kung-fu girl. Action Director Ma Yuk Shing [A Chinese Ghost Story III, Fist Power] does make a few short sequences exciting.

Copyright 2000 j.crawford

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: s****
Date: 05/16/2001

Maybe watching all of these goddamn RAPED BY AN ANGEL movies has warped my brain or something, but I didn't hate this film nearly as much as I expected to, and I didn't even hate myself so much after I got done watching it. I mean, it was bad, sure, really, really bad, but, you know, it was better than RAPED BY AN ANGEL 4. I think. Certainly I'm not disagreeing with the other reviewers here; this film is indeed sucky and totally without merit. I don't know; I guess I just expected it to be more painfully awful than it was. Heck, I watched the whole thing without either desperately wanting to fast-forward or punch myself in the face.

Of note, of course, is that Billy Tang was briefly known for his exploitive category III work in the mid-90s. By comparison to, say, RED TO KILL, RAPED BY AN ANGEL 5: THE FINAL JUDGEMENT seems pretty tame. In fact, it is pretty tame. I guess part of the joke of the whole RAPED BY AN ANGEL series is that these luridly-titled films are so fucking boring. Masochistic film viewers should take heed lest they stray too far.

Reviewed by: meixner
Date: 08/30/2000

A Woman recruits a group of rape victims to help catch the man who raped her daughter and put her in a coma.

Truly terrible and without a single redeeming feature. Even in the technical department this is an embarrassment.

Reviewed by: Paul Fonoroff
Date: 03/24/2000
Summary: Tacky rape saga plumbs new low

One of the sleaziest series in Hong Kong movie history, the Raped By an Angel pictures are among the "guilty pleasures" that are best watched with a group of rowdy friends who are so inebriated that even a television test pattern would elicit bursts of applause. The fifth chapter is arguably the weakest of the bunch, and that's no easy task. Not as luridly titled as Part 3's Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive (1998), The Final Judgement has a more curious Chinese name-"Uniform Seduction Part II". This is a reference to Raped By an Angel 2: Uniform Fan (1998), and implies that Raped by an Angel 5 is actually a sequel to Raped By an Angel 2. Not that it makes any difference, since none of the Raped By an Angel movies have anything in common, other than their low budgets and titillating subjects.

The script by Cary Cheng pays the usual lip service to the evils of rape while getting off on the sex and violence. This time around, it's an innocent-but-rich schoolgirl who is violated and left in a coma. Family matriarch Mrs. Hong (Law Lan) calls in a unique team of investigators: psychiatrist Nancy (Gigi Lai Chi) and her patients, lawyer Nako Shek (Kelly Lin), street vendor Pinky (Pinky Cheung Man-chi), martial artist Bond Girl, AKA Bonnie (Li Fei), and nightclub mama-san Moon (Anita Lee Yuen-wah). The manner in which they jiggle around solving the crime reminds one of Charlie's Angels minus Charlie. Unlike their American counterparts, the four share a deeper connection: they are all rape victims. This gives director Billy Tang a good excuse to inject rape flashbacks into the proceedings, a device he utilizes to its full during a birthday party in which each maiden relates her own sorry history.

The technical credits are below par. The cinematography and lighting lack the polish of mainstream Hong Kong fare, and the usually beautiful Kelly Lin is not photographed to good advantage.

This being a Cat IIB movie, the sex is never too explicit and the only breasts bared belong to the comatose teen. As in the other movies in the series, the chief rapist is a handsome hunk. In this case, it's the teenager's older brother, Ting (former Armani model Jimmy Wong Ka-lok). Normally, a critic would not reveal such a climactic plot point within a review. But Part 5's "mystery" is so lacking in suspense that most viewers will have pegged Ting as the villain long before the filmmakers get around to divulging it.

Viewers who feel one incestuous relationship isn't enough need not fear. One of the investigators continually has flashbacks of being violated by her father. And the cheap thrills don't stop there. A passionate lesbian kiss between two of the investigators has very little to do with the plot, but helps the time pass by.

Other ludicrous highlights include a scene in an abandoned house where Bond Girl battles four good-for-nothing sex fiends; a blindfolded Nako having her feet kissed and bitten by a pervert; and a lackluster disco dance involving Nancy with two male partners that for some reason has the disco patrons applauding with delight. The grand finale with the elderly Mrs. Hong saving the day is almost worth sitting through the mercifully brief 86-minute running time.

The "uniform" of the Chinese title becomes significant in the closing reels. Earlier on, we visit Moon's "uniform nightclub", but it has little to do with crimes themselves. Unlike Raped By an Angel 2, in which the lady victims wear various uniforms, in Part V it is the rapist who has a uniform fetish. Jimmy Wong cuts quite a figure in his Nazi SS uniform, but it is hardly a pretty picture. But then, it is no more and no less than one expects from anything called Raped By an Angel.

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Reviewed by: dacky
Date: 03/22/2000
Summary: one of the poorer ones

just finished watching the show on and can't help but feeling the show was just trying to sell a same old formula with poor results
Something curious, i didn't see anything erotic abt Kelly Lam. Did the show in HK differ from others (watched it thru VCds)

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 03/11/2000
Summary: A vehicle to sell Kelly LAM's beauty

Sometimes the use of Chinese and English movie titles can be very confusing. The English title states that this is the fifth film of "Raped by an Angel" series. However, in Chinese title indicates that this film is the second series of "Raped by an Angel 2." However, there are no performers from "Raped by an Angel 2" here, and the director is different. This movie is directed by Billy TANG whose "Dial D for Damons" will open next week.

Four rape victims - lawyer Nako, night club manager Moon, anti-rape product saleswoman Pinky and judo master Bonnie - are invited by their psychiatrist Nancy Cheuk to help find the rapist of Mrs Hong's granddaughter Laura. Laura, a schoolgirl, was seriously injured in the assault and is now in a coma. They suspect bar owner Chun but they do not have enough evidence. Meanwhile, Nako starts a relationship with Ting who also comes to Nancy's clinic for help. The stress of the investigation brings tension to the group, so Pinky suggests having a small party for her birthday to relax everybody. On that night, the rapist enters the house and Pinky disappears ....

The main selling point for the "Raped by an Angel" series has been the use of sexy actresses, and the films have either been Category II B or III, the latter of which is the case here. Usually the set-up is about a series of rape cases, and the leading actress makes herself a target for the rapist in order to catch him.

"Raped by an Angel 5" shares the same structure. During the first half of the movie, there are a lot of flashbacks describing the painful experience for each girl. The experience scars the victim and the result is usually the development of an unbalance personality. In the movie, Pinky, Judo, and Nancy exhibit such behavior by being tough on men at work.

Unfortunately, the plot of the film is too straight-forward. The audience doesn't become emotionally involved in the search since, because of the casting, the identity of the rapist is obvious. It would have been more interesting if there were more male characters displaying indecent behavior so that the identity of the criminal was more of a mystery. The whole plot is typical but smooth, except for one thing. During the party, the five girls are trying to talk about their experiences. Suddenly, Pinky shows her scars from the rape, and then each of the girls shows theirs. The scene is somewhat unusual.

As for the actresses, Kelly LAM is the sex object. This explains why there are a few minutes of close-ups for a kiss and an erotic scene between her and Jimmy WONG. Kelly is attractive in the movie, and she is sexy enough to satisfy male audiences. Out of the remaining four actresses, the other female lead is Gigi LAI. Gigi has larger role to play since she plans the action of the mission to get Laura's rapist. However, Kelly is a better performer.

In short, "Raped by an Angel 5" looks to be a vehicle to sell Kelly LAM's beauty. Since the story has no surprises, the viewer won't find much entertainment about the case at hand, but at least Kelly is present to fuel one's fantasies.