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新三狼之歡場屠夫 (2000)
Prostitute Killers

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 10/26/2005

A trio of disgruntled orphans spend their nights picking up hostesses and then raping and killing them. Things get a bit more complicated for the boys when they piss off one of the local big brothers, and then when one of them falls for one of their intended victims.

This Cat III flick definitely earns its' hard rating -- the first scene involves a brutal rape sequence, followed by a decapitation. There are some suitably unnerving scenes during the film, such as when one victim is scalped and acid is poured into her wounds, which held promise. But the rest of the movie is so damn boring, the gore and sex lose their effectiveness after a while. During most of its' running time, Prostitute Killer seems to be attempting to be more of a serious Triad drama, but the movie's weak script -- which gives very little explanation as to exactly why the trio commit their crimes besides the weak "mommy abandoned me" excuse and bounces between subplots like a pinball machine -- gives the actors little to work with, and the movie's cheap production values only make things worse.

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Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 04/06/2000
Summary: Another Sam HO's Crappy Direction

Sam HO has been very active in the film industry recently after his previous film "Enjoy Yourself Tonight". I watched his disappointing "Phantom Call" two weeks ago. This week on the screen we can see his latest crappy directorial effort --Prostitute Killer.

Brother Shark is the head of a debt collecting agency which specialises in prostitutes, often asking them for sex instead of interest. Chun, Kwai and Lai are three men who hate prostitutes whose latest target is new girl, Vanessa. After raping and killing her they put her dead body in a wooden box and float her out to sea. When her body is found the police start their investigation.

Shark meets the threesome in a massage parlour and his gang beats them up. But while seeking revenge on Shark, the threesome are also looking for their next victim while the police close in. It is very difficult to predict what kinds of audience "Prostitute Killer" caters to. If we say that this movie is for men, that may be true as you can see a rape scene on the fifth minute.

Over the movie, what we can see is Gabriel HARRISON treating a girl very roughly, followed by the beating of girls by Simon LOUI. There is no second round of the former and the *game* ends when the girl dies already.

There may be a theme about the story (family problems). The threesome have very bad memories from their early days because their fathers threw their moms away and favoured concubines. The story puts this as the point for them to take action to kill prostitutes. This has potential as a topic for discussion.

However, the whole movie is polluted by tons and tons of rape scenes. In addition, the movie fails to hint at the family issue at the beginning of the story. This makes audiences feels that the basis for their actions is beyond weak.

The sub-plot between Yee and Lai should have been very interesting. Yee and Lai are a dating couple but they are on the opposite sides of the prostitute killer case. Unfortunately, it is pity to see that their relationship is poorly drawn and will fail to hold the audiences attention. A certain level of fear should be portrayed by him after he knows that Yee is the officer who is investigating his case.

The whole investigation is also not detailed enough to convince audiences. With the complexity of the case, there should be some scenes to show how the cops deals with the killers. There can also be the process of the cops being sent undercover to be the *victims*. Unfortunately, you don*t get to see these scenes on the big screen. Instead, what gets given to you is another poor family background from NG and his girlfriend.

Anyway, if you have seen Sam HO's previous efforts, you may have expected a crappy movie. For those of you who are going to see the movie, I'm afraid you should be prepared for another annoying crappy movie wasting 90 minutes of your time. Sam HO should brush up his skills before making any further films.

Written by Ryan Law, from Hong Kong Movie DataBase, on 5 April, 2000.