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今年湖畔會很冷 (1984)
Lake Sprite

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 07/02/2000
Summary: Rather dull

First of all, some VCD covers show this as a Category III film. It is NOT ! There's absolutely no nudity, and very little violence.
The pace, with a few exceptions, is leisurely, matching the pace of life in the village where the lead characters are based. There is some nice imagery, and Joey of course looks lovely.
But a Joey vehicle this is not ! She does and Amy Yip here i.e. spends more than half the movie time off screen, mainly in the middle bit.
My biggest gripe with this film is that it contains NO CREDITS ! Grrrrrrrr. The main actor is not Joey, but the guy who plays Aming. However, because this is a Taiwanese production, I recognize no actor apart from Joey.
The pace is generally much too slow, and the story uneventful, promising much and delivering only sometimes. The love scenes between Aming and Yu Ming are quite nice, when they eventually happen.
But it ain't enough. This one is sure to disappoint Joey fans, and contains little else to recommend it.
Lastly, the cover shows that this film won three Golden Horse awards. If one was for best picture, god help the Asian film industry.....

Reviewer Score: 2