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Ѹթ (1999)
Generation Consultant

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/30/2000
Summary: Densely plotted and wordy

I just couldn't keep track of this one, and things weren't helped by the blurry print with its very blurry subs. Also, my knowledge of this period in Chinese history is shallow.
The story certainly concerns the beginning of a very turbulent time in the history of China, though this is no ordinary historical war picture. Most of the screen time is taken up by dialogue and facial expressions, and by opposing groups of people who scheme and try to outwit each other. There are a battle scenes, which are colourful, brutal and well-done, but they are short.

Also, despite the density of the plot, it is ironically easy to follow the characters. This is because each major character wears their own highly distinctive head-gear. So if you become confused between Chuguo, Chi Chun, Si Yuen, Lt Chow Fung Chin, General Kwang etc, you can always think of them as "that guy with the red snail thing on his head" or something !

I don't want to say don't watch this film. But I recommend first a decent reading of the early history of the Three Kingdoms, or at least that the print you watch is a good clear one.

Reviewer Score: 4