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與蛇共舞 (1993)
Dances with the Snakes

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 11/11/2000
Summary: A long wait for something good

First, the good news. About 20 minutes of this film is well-made and entertaining. Some of it is great. There's a short sequence where the elder priest does battle with the ghosts, and they try to guess his figthing style. And the final 15 minutes is one of the most entertaining and varied combinations of sex and acrobatics and humour I've ever seen in a cheap porno. It's a blast !

That's all. The first 3/4 of this film are mostly dull and uninspired at best. There's an unerotic and poorly-shot and very long sequence where the rich man oil-wrestles four naked and near-anorexic young girls. There's Charlie Cho, playing his usual sleazy character, this time a doctor with a huge (and false) phallus. And poor Dick Wei, doing some basic tumbles and punches as a not-very-evil villain.

The last bit of the film shows that this director has some talent, but the bulk of it shows he needs quite some time and assistance to develop it. And that's being kind.

So why suffer through so much crap for a nice treat at the end ? Tsui Man Wa is a very likeable actress, Yau Yuk Yue is simply luscious, and Lee Chung Ling is as pleasant as ever. And the guy who plays the elder priest, billed only as "Robert", is quite watchable too. The story starts as a Category III take on Chinese Ghost Story III, moves on to Erotic Ghost Story (and even includes the courtyard used in the film), then rapidly loses focus, although the playing around with Catholic vs Buddhist iconography sometimes raises a chuckle.

Judicious use of the fast-forward button is advised !

Reviewer Score: 5