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生化特警之喪屍任務 (2000)

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 05/08/2005
Summary: disappointed.

Seeing Sam Lee and Samuel Leung in the same scenes was very funny. I came to this with high expectations and was disappointed in director Steve Cheng. This could've been more than just a bad remake of Bio-Zombie. Yet, it was funny in the right places and the scary parts were scary in the right places.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: PAUL MARTINEZ
Date: 07/13/2004
Summary: UGH!!

Well I won't go into the plot(Wait! Did it have a plot?) This was pretty bad I never saw bio-Zombie but I'm a big fan of the genre so I was excited to see this. Imagine my letdown. A comedy which wasn't funny, a horror film that wasn't even creepy let alone scary, a supposed gore-fest which wasn't gory! Avoid this film at all cost!

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/18/2003

While Bio-Zombie (which is this movie's spiritual forefather) took its' inspiration from Day of the Dead, Bio-Cops comes across as a bit of a mix between Night of the Living Dead 3 and Assault on Precinct 13. A Hong Kong doctor working for the US military to develop a virus, which will allow the army to use undead soldiers, unwittingly brings it back to his native land. Landing up in an isolated police station after a fight with some local Triads, the virus takes hold and turns the doctor into a zombie. Unlike most zombie movies, the ones in Bio-Cops can walk, talk and think for themselves -- at least the actors paid for speaking roles; I guess zombie extras will always be "Shemps," as Evil Dead director Sam Raimi called them. After slaughtering everyone around him, the doctor hatches upon a plan to create a "zombie world order." The trouble is that he's still locked in the police station, along with a few survivors, such as a cop (Stephen Fung), a hooligan (Sam Lee) and the doctor's ex-girlfriend (Alice Chan).

Bio-Zombie is one of my favorite Hong Kong movies; it was a great mix of comedy and horror (as well as a bit of social satire) -- so I had pretty high expectations for this pseudo-sequel. Sadly, Bio-Cops didn't meet them. The main problem is that it takes itself too seriously. Whereas Bio-Zombie moved along at a fast pace, Bio-Cops plods along, with zombies delivering speeches about lost love and the like. This might have been acceptable if the movie could carry this dark tone visually, but it doesn't. I know Hong Kong special effects aren't up to the standards of Hollywood, but gore effects are some of the easiest and cheapest to produce (just look at the aforementioned Evil Dead) and Bio-Cops' effects just look horrible. I'm sorry, but cheap prosthetics, green slime and rudimentary CGI just don't cut it for me. I was still willing to forgive these differences, but then about midway through the movie, the filmmakers decide to start ripping off gags from other horror movies and video games, most notably Resident Evil. While Bio-Zombie did this, it did it in very small doses (such as the House of the Dead bit) -- not as the basis for an entire sequence.

This is still a fairly entertaining movie, mostly carried by the chemistry Stephen Fung and Sam Lee have together. It's just that Bio-Zombie was so good -- it's one of the few horror movies that have come out over the past few years that I actually liked -- that an average sequel comes off as a major disappointment.

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 04/14/2002
Summary: Terrible

This is without a doubt the worst film I saw in 2000, it's complete trash, glad to see the other reviewers feel the same.

Rating [1/5]

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: xiaoka
Date: 05/11/2001
Summary: stupid, cheap, but funny

I saw this one in a movie theater in HK last december. Definitely stupid, definitely low budget, definitely cliched, definitely filmed in the span of a week, but still entertaining.

The talent makes a lot of out nothing, and manages to keep the suspense and comedy level up so you don't get bored. Worth renting or borrowing, or buying if you can find it cheap, unless you're a big Sam or Stephen Fan.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: akasha
Date: 03/10/2001
Summary: Worst movie I have ever seen (and believe me, I've seen bad).

I actually got this movie on DVD two days ago. I was pretty excited, since Stephen Fung its one of my favorite actors. The first 3 minutes show promise, but after that. I couldn't believe my eyes. I stopped the movie and decided to go to sleep, thinking it was that I was sleepy or something and that I wasn't getting it. But the next day, I tried again and I discovered something THE MOVIE IS BAD. Virtually no story, no character development, no special effects, NO NOTHING. The cinematography is poor, the comedy is flat and the horror is laughable. If you are looking for a horror/comedy that it's worth watching, try Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series, cause Bio Cops is not worth the time or the money.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 02/28/2001
Summary: Not bad

I found this movie short, i think
1 hour and 10 minutes long!!

Anyway forget this being a horror!! It's more comedy i think and the horror is more like GROSS OUT scenes!!
I didn't mind this movie, with consisent comedy and GROSS OUT scenes.

It doesn't not match BIO ZOMBIE though, even thought the first half of BIO ZOMBIE was DAMN boring!!

It's a shame this movie was short and the ending to me was exactly what was going to happen, and slaying the BIG BAD GUY was a bit too easy for my liking!!

Almost as good as BIO ZOMBIE, but this deserves a once watching!!

Though i give this a low rating, it's mainly because of how short the movie is and a ending which i predicted!!


Reviewed by: AV1979
Date: 02/07/2001
Summary: Were they going for Horror or Comedy?

I checked out the Steve Cheng-directed BIO-COPS and well, I don't understand something. Were they going for a horror film or a horror/comedy? The film seemed more of a horror/comedy. It did have its share of gore, but there is more laughs than gore.

The film starts out in the USA, where CIA agent Harry (Benny LAI) goes to a laboratory to check out a top secret experiment, codename Painless Warriors. A bacterium is imserted inside an agent and supposedly it causes the victim to withstand pain. However, there is a side effect. The guinea pig begins to transform into a zombie-like vampire. The vampire kills a doctor and in an attempt to get the vaccine, Harry is bitten.

Back in Hong Kong, Marco (Stephen FUNG) is dumped by his girlfriend because he is a cop. He blames Triad member Cheap (Sam LEE) for meddling in their business. Meanwhile, Harry returns and expects to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend Bell (Alice CHAN). She refuses and he ends up at a karaoke bar. He meets a call girl and decides to have his way with her. However, the bacterium begins to take effect and Harry undergoes a transformation. He kills the call girl and then gets into a gang fight with Brother Kow (Frankie NG) and his Hung Hing Boys, including Cheap.

Marco arrests everyone and they are taken to prison. A group of phony Liberal Army officers are arrested and put in the same cell as Harry while the Hung Hing boys are in another cell. Harry goes under his transformation again and proceeds to kill the phony officers. He undergoes a full transformation, green skin and all. He proceeds to transform all the Hung Hing gang, except Cheap (who fakes it) to zombies. Soon, the police precient becomes a House of the Dead. It's up to Marco, Cheap, and Bell to stop the Zombie Horde.

OK, sounds like a horror film right? Believe me when I say there is more "comedy". Sam Lee does most of the comedic bits in the film. OK, just about every film I see with Lee, he is the joker of the film. What's even funnier is the bad make up job on Harry. You can see some of the prosthtic skin peeling on him through out the film. And since when did zombies talk to each other? I saw elements of the film that reminded me of an American cult film and the video game Resident Evil. This may sound like a horror film but I'[m calling this a horror comedy, and it wasn't even that horrific.

I give the film 2.5 out of 4. If it wasn't for Sam Lee's comedic flair and the toughness of Stephen Fung (after Gen-X Cops, he is an action star on the rise IMO), I wouldn't even have seen this film.

Reviewer Score: 7