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鬼同你有緣之陰屍路 (2000)
Ghost Meets You

Reviewed by: Brian Thibodeau
Date: 01/30/2007
Summary: You could do worse these days...

Playboy swindler Anthony Wong murders his naive young wife (Ivy Tsui) for her money and uses black magic—which he gets from a plasma lamp in his living room (!)—to prevent her from reincarnating. Severing her head and dumping it into the ocean probably did the trick, but he just HAD to be sure. When police informant Remus Mok discovers the dead woman’s purse and spends the cash within, he must make amends to her spirit—and her severed head, which he magically coaxes out of the water and soon falls in love with—by helping her to reincarnate with the aid of sorceress Helena Law Lan and her newest protege, police detective Carrie Ng. It may just be the choice of discount film stock, but for a movie shot in the year 2000, this feels a lot like a quickie Hong Kong horror movie made in 1990, and in an era far too glutted with shot-on-video product, that’s not entirely a bad thing. Something resembling a decent budget would have worked wonders for this, as director Cheung, a veteran editor in his own right, reinforces a vision that outweighs his meagre financing by cutting on all the right beats and including complementary (and stolen) music cues from American soundtracks to punch up the plaintive romance and spare wit in Benny Tam Wai-shing’s screenplay.

Reviewer Score: 4