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真愛 (2000)
True Love

Reviewed by: HaloKiti
Date: 04/21/2002
Summary: Is this supposed to be funny?

My friend was bawling at the end of the movie, while I was laughing my butt off. Suffice to say I thought this movie was ridiculous. Unlike the other reviewers I can care less how hot this girl is, her acting's bad and the singing even worse or is it the other way around. Actually I don't think she's too hot, she probably slept her way to a record deal unlike her character in the movie of the same name. How convenient maybe she's so stupid that she doesn't respond to any other name. This movie is the most paint-by-numbers/fill in the blanks movie I've seen in a long time. It is about a girl who has superstar aspirations who overcome problems and falls in love on her way to fame. It once again makes me not want to see HK movies even more, the point that this stupid talentless bimbo can actually headline her own movie. I just really have to say that if this girl is even semi-popular that HK people have no taste or is too influenced by the marketing power of the entertainment industry. Predictably in the movie, the girl goes on to sell many CDs of her bland as tapioca singing and the pizza delivery guy that supports her along the way dies a la "A Star is Born." The story and the execution is so poor that nothing can save it. Please don't make anymore movies like this if you actually want peoples to go to the movie theatre.

P.S. You can't even show the proper handling of pizza, you don't carry a pizza box vertically when there's a pizza inside. Chicken wings that are sold at Domino's Pizza are called Buffalo Wings. Can't even get this right. Blah!

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: happy_dragon
Date: 01/22/2002
Summary: Good movie, but...

I like this movie in overall. But it has a "bad" and forced ending by making Sam died with just because a stupid rock on a street.

And it is very absurd to see Siu Suet suddenly cries out in the concert (even she didn't know yet what is happening to Sam) and says she loves Sam in front of everybody. I mean, the timing is just too forced to make it an ending.

But if you like "Moment Of Romance" series, it is still worth of your time to watch this movie.

Reviewed by: Fuck You
Date: 02/03/2001
Summary: The very sexy Elle Choi 'Siu Suet'

Excellent film, great story line and not forgetting the very sexy Elle Choi 'Siu Suet'.

Reviewed by: tcooc
Date: 12/13/2000
Summary: Must see if you like romance.

I totally agree with 'ICU' about this film, it does have 'A Moment of Romance' feel to it and being 'Siu Suet' first leading role, she put on a great proformance as for Sam Lee an actor who you would not expect to play a this part also put on a great
proformed. As for being one of the best newcomer in Y2K, I not to sure about that, but she is very sexy indeed.

Reviewed by: ICU
Date: 12/13/2000
Summary: Almost as good as 'A Moment of Romance'

A very touching film, the storyline was interresing but not great, it has a sort of 'A Moment of Romance' feel to it which is good. The leading actress and actor 'Siu Suet' and 'Sam Lee'put on a great proformces. Siu Suet, one of the best looking newcomer in Y2K, very sexy. All in all a very good film.