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少林沙彌 (1983)
Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 05/19/2017
Summary: Dragon Lee vs Hwang Jang Lee, but nothing special

After the head of the Shaolin temple is killed by Kurt Wong (Hwang Jang Lee), a multitude of people set off to find the killer and bring him to justice. Dragon Lang (Dragon Lee) is a member of the temple and is bent on revenge too, packing his belongings and looking for Wong as well. He meets a monk (Martin Chui) who claims to be searching for the killer too, and they are joined by a beggar girl (Seo Jeong-Ah) on their journey. As with most of these films, people are not who they seem at first, and as a result there are fights to the death. Surprised?

Martial Monks is a relatively blasé kung fu film. There are lots of good kickers, but the choreography consists of a lot of jumping and twisting gymnastic-like moves with not much impact. Martin Chui is decent, but he is clearly over-matched by Dragon Lee and Hwang Jang. The final fight between Hwang Jang Lee and Dragon is exciting, with Dragon in full, exaggerated Bruce mode but it’s a bit too little too late. The English dubbed version I saw is about 85 min long, while the original Korean release was 98 min. From the promotional flyers and posters, there seems to be a fair amount of scenes missing, including ones that would expand and explain Pinky Poon’s (Seo Jeong-Ah) character a bit more. Maybe an uncut version will surface some day, but I’d be hard-pressed to sit through it again.


Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 02/10/2006
Summary: Dragon Lee at his fittest and wildest..

A Korean movie dubbed, edited, and ripped off by Godfrey Ho and Tomas Tang's Asso Asia. Dragon Lee at his fittest and wildest, Choi Min Kyu as a treacherous monk, a disgusting chieftan with a chicken leg hanging off his mustache and a swords within a sword weapon, food eating competitions, Dragon Lee's patented chop the head off game, Dragon and Choi eating Hunagrian langos in a field like in the old country, loads of stolen taiwanese music and fighting sound effects, and Hwang Jang Lee's kicking make this an entertaining viewing. The third part of the Dragon Lee and Hwang Jang Lee series. 3/5