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小師傅與大煞星 (1979)
Kung Fu Fever

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 04/21/2021
Summary: It is what it is... Dragon being Bruce

Kung Fu Fever (aka Bruce Lee Strikes Back) is a South Korean kung fu film centered around the search for a book of Bruce Lee's. The film starts with what is supposed to be a phone conversation between Bruce and Ms. Lu (Tam Yan-Mei) about Ricky Chan (Dragon Lee) perfecting Bruce's finger technique. Lu asks for the book and Bruce agrees, but only after Lu joins his class. Subsequently, Bruce passes away. A myriad of people are then searching for the book, including a Japanese mobster (Martin Chui), and a nightclub owner (Shih Chung-Tien) with two brainless thugs. Ron Van Clief is thrown in as a basically a mercenary for hire, punching out women and killing innocent people, who wants to learn the technique as well. All the groups have various ideas of where the book is hidden and most focus on people around Ricky Chan (Dragon Lee). Once Chan's friend is kidnapped and then killed, he decides to go after everyone by himself, although eventually he gets help from Ms. Lu (Yan-Mei) in his revenge spree.

There isn't much of a plot to this one, it's basically Dragon Lee doing his Bruce imitation for the length of the film. Various people get in his way and he dispatches them with ease. The fight choreography is ok, but it mostly consists of Lee gyrating and pulling out every Bruce Lee mannerism while he barely gets touched by his opponents. Even the fights between him and Martin Chui and then Ron are not very enthralling as there is little doubt who is going to prevail. The final fight between Dragon and Kim Ki-Ju is a bit more dangerous, complete with Dragon in the iconic yellow and black jumpsuit, but still ultimately fails to be exciting. It's Brucesploitation and that's ok, but that's all it is.

As a side note, films shot in South Korea during this era continue to make it look like the most colorless and desolate country imaginable. If this is really what it was like back in the 70s, kudos to the government and people for completely transforming it to the power and destination it is today.

Reviewer Score: 4