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人頭豆腐湯 (2001)
There Is a Secret in My Soup

Reviewed by: Arshadnm6
Date: 04/15/2005
Summary: There is a secret in my soup, there is something about this movie......

A cliché of Category 3 Style ultra gore movies, in the image of ‘Untold Story’ series or ‘Human Pork Chop’, which fails to deliver on all levels, and is beyond disappointing.

Michael Wong, surprising, stars in this poor excuse for a movie, as the hard boiled righteous cop investigating the disappearance of a devoted wife ‘Maggie’ (played by Cherry Chan). His investigation leads to the arrest of five individuals, including Rocky (played Hugo Ng), his wife Pat (played by Angela Tong) and the psychopathic Joe (Gabriel Harrison). Basically the police raid an apartment complex in Kowloon and make the horrid discovery of a human skull inside a ‘Hello Kitty Doll’. They round the five suspects and begin their rough and decisive interrogation. Gradually in stage-by-stage flashback style of description (as in the ‘Untold Story 3’) they learn the gruesome truth. The skull belonged to Maggie, a local mother forced into prostitution in a brothel after being thrown out by her uncaring husband. Maggie inadvertently makes a fatal error of crossing the gang that run the brothel and this leads into her disappearance as well as her slow painful death. Simply, Maggie stole some money from Rocky and being unable to pay him back, was imprisoned, publicly humiliated, tortured and killed before ending up being cooked in a soup.

In a sense, this is the direct copy of ‘Untold Story 3’, where every suspect is given the chance of giving his personal opinion of what ensued in the form of flashbacks. Again the same mistake is made here, where little character emphasis is given on the suspects, with the sound reason of murdering someone so violently. Fortunately, not all is lost. Maggie gets most of the screen time, which allows her to explain her situation to the viewer and her unfortunate turn of bad luck, which ends her up as an addition to a home cooked soup. Most of the time the viewer will feel sorry for Maggie and sympathize with her former path of lifestyle, although at times these are so badly done they turn out to be vaguely insulting. Apparently, this movie (as well as ‘Human Pork Chop’, which was released at almost the exact same time) was inspired by a horrific local murder case, with the same basic plot as well as events, scene and structure.

Overall fans of Michael Wong, will be severely depressed after watching this movie, since he only gets about 10 minutes of screen time (fortunately not getting enough to time to execute his half-English / half-Cantonese dialect) and at best is eye-candy for the movie. The atmosphere of the environment the movie is set in is also depressing, with continuous night-life references and no-mans land shenanigans that simply do not help the movie at all. Also there is a somewhat explicit scene with a naked woman performing an over-the-top lap dance for Psycho Maniac Joe (whom you could probably point out is main instigator to Maggie’s Death); this was unnecessary in any case and only cheapened the general effect of the movie. It’s a poorly developed and boring mess that aims for both titillation and horror, but fails on all counts. Not even fans of blood infected Category 3 movies should bother with this one.

Overall Rating: 4.2/10

Reviewed by: YutGouHoYun
Date: 03/28/2003
Summary: Hmm?

There is a secret in this soup, and i don't like it!

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 05/09/2002
Summary: CRAP

Complete and utter garbage.

Rating: 1/5

Reviewed by: Dyogenez
Date: 05/06/2002
Summary: How did i watch that?

This movie is only memorable as it is the worst movie I have ever seen. I suggest not having lunch before watching this one. It caused my roomate to leave the room halfway through to avoid watching the rest.

I'd suggest this only if you want to see the most horrible, plotless, grotesque movie out there. Any movie with 18 minutes of porn thrown in to make it lengthwise. I spent much of that time fast forwarding waiting for it to get back to the meaningless plot. It's horrible that this is based on a true story too. AVOID THIS MOVIE 0/10.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/09/2002
Summary: Yucky!!

I read this was based on true events and this movie just shows how bad society has turned out. It is a sick movie and it just shows what psycho's we have in society.

Micheal Wong is there for 5 minutes with a dubbed voice by the way!!

Not sure if this movie should of even been made because it is that shocking (i mean what happens to the lady).

OH if you ask why the lady didn't leave even though she was going to die, well the reasons could be:

Fear of leaving, she was so afraid that she couldn't mentally make herself leave because she was already scared out of her wits
Some people unfortauntely just take the abuse because they have given up on life,
because some people have grown up being abused all there lives, the abuse is to them 'normal'

Who really knows what the victim was thinking.
It's easy to say LEAVE and RUN but if your in the same situation, who knows how you would react too.

A SAD movie, and it just shows how bad we can treat people sometimes and there are people like that in this world, which makes me sick in the stomach.


Reviewed by: s****
Date: 05/20/2001
Summary: huh

Well... The two previous reviewers of this film have both made excellent points. This movie is some pretty sleazy garbage. On the other hand, if that's what you're in the mood for, you could certainly do a lot worse that this one.

The bare-bones plot of this film is pretty generic. Michael Wong, apparently acting the role of outraged cop in his sleep now, interrogates several men and women regarding the murder and mutilation of a young woman, Maggie. Incidentally, I didn't notice whether or not Wong's voice was dubbed in the version I saw, as one of the previous reviewers mentions, but I guess that sort of thing happens all the time. I'm not the hugest Michael Wong fan, and I generally think he is only as good as his material and when playing off of other, more versatile performers (such as his wonderful performance in BEAST COPS). Certainly, if you are a Michael Wong fan, that is no reason for you to see this movie; he is, as noted below, barely in the film, and his character simply scowls a lot. I did notice, in the version of this film that I saw, that the ubiquitous Hello Kitty doll, in several shots, was digitally obscured with giant, blocking pixels. This was damn weird. I guess the real case that this film is based on involved a Hello Kitty doll. Kudos to the filmmakers for their use of realism and their hopes that their little category III shocker might come under the Hello Kitty legal team's radar. I wish more category III movies had Hello Kitty dolls in them. What was I talking about?

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: Watching this movie actually made me stupider. So I'm stupid now. So forgive this review.

Anyway, Maggie's story is told in flashback. She lives with an abusive, cheating husband, but leaves him and goes to stay with her friend and her friend's gangster/pimp husband. The pimp husband puts Maggie to work as a prostitute, but Maggie hates the job, steals money from the pimp husband (apparently for her "grandmother's surgery") and runs away. She then returns and is beaten by the pimp husband and his goofy henchmen, who put Maggie to work as a whore again.

During this entire time, sympathy for Maggie is evidently supposed to be building. However, since Maggie is dumb as a rock and repeatedly makes obviously dangerous decisions, then whines incessantly about it, it's kind of hard to feel for her at any time. Basically, THERE IS A SECRET IN MY SOUP is not the kind of film that gets the viewer emotionally involved.

By the way, I should say I'm going to give away every sparse detail of this film's storyline in my review. I don't know if that could be called a "spoiler," exactly, since you know exactly where this film is headed, but hell, if you want to see this movie and maintain any illusions of suspense, you probably shouldn't read any further.

Anyway, Maggie runs away again and gets caught again. The pimp husband and his goofy henchmen beat the holy hell out of her, smoke a lot of crack and then begin systematically torturing Maggie. They burn her and use a cheese grater on her, then force her to eat excrement and stuff. This goes on and on. And on. Eventually, Maggie dies. They all then freak out, take her to the bathtub, strip her (obvious breast/nude double for lead actress inserted here) and chop her into tiny bits. Still high on crack, or whatever they're smoking, they try to cook her and stuff to get rid of the pieces of corpse, and boil her head for some reason. When an annoying neighbor comes over, they feed him a little bit of Maggie's head soup. Hence the title. Really, that's it. This scene is not only very brief, but totally gratituitous. It has nothing to do with the rest of the movie. It's not even played for laughs like in most Hong Kong cannibalism films. I guess they just really wanted that title.

So, anyway, eventually they get caught and go to prison. The end.

Though I hope I've made the overwhelming pointlessness of this film clear, I don't think I've appropriately emphasized how annoying all the characters in this movie are. Midway through a crack binge scene, when the canted camera zooms up into an overacting henchman's leering face, I began to wonder if the director didn't realize the limits of his own material and was trying to create some sort of "art of irritating aburdity" piece. If so, it still wasn't funny.

The better aspects of this film include its infinite sleaziness. Just when you think things can't get any worse for Maggie, the idiotic, sadistic characters take things a step further. Unfortunately, this is all just played for the spectacle of the thing and it actually gets pretty monotonous. There is also a ridiculous, very long sex scene between one of the goofy henchmen and some drugged up, very patient girl, in which he uses a vacuum cleaner to suck on her breasts, then uses an air hose to blow on her breasts. If you've ever wanted to see the close-up effects of a vacuum cleaner and an air hose on female breasts, and I know you folks are out there, then this film is definitely for you.

Also, I should say that I thought the lead actress in this film did a fine job. Her character, as previously mentioned, is not particularly clear or consistent, but the lead actress was admirably believable in many of the film's utterly preposterous sequences. She was also very cute. It would be nice to see her in another film that, you know, doesn't completely suck. Hey, maybe I'll go look her up on the HKMDB.

In short, THERE IS MY SECRET IN MY SOUP is just over-the-top sleaziness. Most viewers will be annoyed, insulted or offended, but if you're in the mood, enjoy.

Reviewed by: Chuma
Date: 02/23/2001

This movie is supposedly based on a real case (there is another movie version of it too).A skull is found in a "Hello Kitty" doll (the doll is censored throughout the movie), and the events leading up to the murder are played out by accounts from the suspects being interrogated by the police.

I don't want to waste words on this movie, as it was REALLY bad. If you happen to watch it and don't realise this during the "garage" scene, you will mostly certainly notice it when they get the cheese grater out.

Rating : 0/10