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陰陽路九之命轉乾坤 (2001)
Troublesome Night 9

Reviewed by: trenty
Date: 02/20/2001
Summary: Old forumla but still ok.

As we moved along this serie of "Troublesome Night", we approached to the ninth chapter already, I think the serie will continue since next chapter will be their tenth. Again this time, the movie have only one story involved and not three like their early chapters. Enough of intro here, let's look at the movie.

The plot was pretty simple, it's about a girl who is trying to change her luck, in gambling to be exact. Throughout the movie, you will find not much scary moments if you watched previous chapters. It's because the director had used the same old formula to scare the audience by popping heads out besides a character with a 'sudden' sound effect. Same old trick, same old feeling and it's not scary anymore for 'serie-lover'. Although the plot was simple, however, the story did delivered a good flow. For example, when the girl meet a waiter at the casino and the waiter told her how to change her luck. There we were brought to a cemetary and the ghostly mood was brought up. A few scary moments you might see here, but again, the same old trick we seen in chapter one.

Characters development here is fine but there was a character or a few which I think the movie had left out. For example, the part played by Wayne Lai was not covered. Also, the part played by Sherming Yiu was also not covered, to say more, she did not even have one dialogue. Later, when Simon Lui were told to go to a room, there, I expected a scary moment but was left out by the director also.

As for the performances, we have the same old cast here but added a new role by Cheung Ho Yee as the main character. She didn't appear in the big screen until lately in 2000 and she did delivered a good performance here as she did back in those TVB series. As for another important character acted by Simon Lui was at his usual standard, funny to watch everytime he appears. Law Lan was also as good as usual in previous chapters. However, one disappointment in the cast was Wayne Lai's role. He should have a better performance here rather than a guest starring. Also, his character could have developed to make another subplot to support the movie.

In conclusion, this chapter may not be the worst you ever seen within this serie of "Trouble some Night". Rather, I found it's watchable. However, as this serie goes along, I think they should change their genre to mystery rather than ghost since it's not as scary as before anymore. If the director won't start to change with those old tricks, ghost-movie lovers may start changing their ghost-movie titles to something else before the serie ends.