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׿i{ (1979)
Blooded Treasury Fight

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/14/2003
Summary: All-star sockfest

A star-studded cast are forced through a plot constructed around that great vice, avarice, the sock and kick each other at every opportunity. There are secret identities and motivations all over the place as several groups of people converge on the "bloody mill" to find some buried treasure.

Blooded and bloody this film certainly is. Only one of the characters survives to the final frames, and nearly everyone dies an agonized and spurting death. The producers had one eye on Lone Wolf And Babycart.

I found this film watchable mainly for the terrific cast and secondly for the fights, though I thought it could have been done better. It all felt rather more technical than inspired. Still, worth watching.

Reviewer Score: 7