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功夫七戒 (1979)
The Seven Commandments of Kung Fu

Reviewed by: Bruce
Date: 01/05/2003
Summary: Kung Fu version of "Days of Wrath"

This film is a remake of the classic Spaghetti Western "Days of Wrath" (aka "Day of Anger"), with Chang Yi in the role originally played by Lee Van Cleef. The basic plot outline and some incidents are the same, but too much is omitted and replaced with standard kung fu fare, and the strong ending of the original film is replaced by a standard kung fu ending. Too much weak humor is also added here; was it really necessary to have three separate incidents of unsuspecting people being given laxatives? Still, any fan of the original film will want to see this remake, and anyone who enjoys this film should try to see the original "Days of Wrath".

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/18/2001
Summary: Starts as a copy of Drunken Master ....

For the first half hour, Lee I seems determined to copy the formula laid down by Jackie Chan in the original Drunken Master. It's all there - extremely stupid humour, mostly toilet humour (how many times can you cram the word "laxative" into ten minutes of film ?!), bobbing the head a lot in deference to elders while badmouthing them when not looking, and seeking a better master.

The story gets more of its own identity when the wonderful Chang Yi enters the picture. I like Chang best when he plays a thorough and highly skilled monster, but he's not that here. Although still a villain, his char is rather more complicated.

After the first half-hour, the fu is pretty damn good, and of course there's plenty of treachery. Not much more to say than that. Moderately recommended.

Reviewer Score: 6