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鬼馬大俠 (1978)
The Smart Cavalier

Reviewed by: Bruce
Date: 12/15/2001
Summary: Highly enjoyable, but not for the martial arts.

I really enjoyed this film, with its plot idea of a hero who is fearless against the enemy, but is running like a scared rabbit from his bride-to-be (luscious Doris Lung). This film has lots of humor, and most of it works very well. I found the long brothel scene particularly amusing. The martial arts in this film is nothing special, and there are long gaps between some of the action scenes. Still, it's a very good film, due to plot and characterization.

Reviewed by: sirrunrunshaw
Date: 03/28/2001

skip it-first 45 minutes some guy tries to get his daughter married-real boring
end fight with Lo Leih was very boring