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雍正大破十八銅人 (1976)
The Return of the 18 Bronzemen

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 12/08/2002

Do not consider this a sequel to the original. Not only is this flick not a sequel, its not even good. This flick is a showcase for Carter Wong as the evil Emperor, Yung Zhen. After he rigs the dead Emperor’s will to proclaim himself the new Emperor, Yung Zhen gets word that Shaolin is planning to rebel against his rule. Since the aura of the Shaolin Bronzemen and martial arts impresses him, Yung Zhen then decides to pay Shaolin a visit, change his name, and become a Shaolin disciple to learn it’s martial arts and ultimately beat the 18 Bronzemen and obtain the Shaolin crest of the dragon and tiger tattoo. Yung Zhen almost manages to pull of the feat, but the carpet is pulled from under him as the Head Shaolin Abbot (O Yau Man) finds out he is an enemy of Shaolin. Yung Zhen leaves Shaolin without his dreamed fulfilled and with a burning rage to even up the score with those Shaolin rebels.