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雍正命喪少林門 (1977)
The Shaolin Invincibles

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 08/08/2002

Kung Fu Gorillas? A long tongued fighting duo? Yes, you'll find stuff like that in this flick. This flick takes part during the Ching Dynasty. One of the nastiest Princes know to man, a tyrant named Yuen Cheng (Chen Hung Lieh), strong armed his way into being the next Emperor. Emperor Cheng is a cruel tyrant, an expert in gung fu, and an oppressor of people. Case in point. There was a civil examination secretary named Chow Su Ting, who was accused of insulting Emperor Cheng for the mere fact of using an examination topic that closely resembled the Emperor's name. Emperor Cheng thought Chow was deliberately insulting him so he put to death all of Chow's family and friends. One of Chow's close associates put to death was a couple of his teachers named Lu Wen Chung and Yu Chow. Luckily for these two men, they had both of their grand daughters rescued by some kind Shaolin Monks. Lu's grand daughter is named Szu Liang (Chia Ling) and Yu's grand daughter is named Yu Liang (Lung Chun Erh). After twelve years of training at Shaolin, the two girls leave to avenge the loss of their family by killing Emperor Yuen Cheng and his killer gorillas. Tan Tao Liang and Carter both make sporadic appearances in the movie, but do not do anything major to influence the movie.