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ĻwܩR (1978)
Fatal Needles Vs. Fatal Fists

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 05/11/2002

Two famous bandit capturers, Captain Chow Lung (Lo Lieh) and his assistant, Meng Hu (Wang Tao), are the best in their business. They always get their man, the bad guy that is. One day, they twosome are challenged by the 4 Devils. In the melee, Meng Hu accidentally causes the death of his best friend, the Captain, Chow Lung. Afterwards, Meng Hu is really depressed and down on himself. Life means very little to him. Suicide or death would be a nice thing to him. He gives up his job of working as a cop. Later, Meng Hu then works in a brothel to make money and takes on a new name, Coward Chin Chai, and refuses to fight. After leaving the brothel, he works as a servant but when an opium dealing, fatal needle throwin' Mongolian named Chung Tung (Chang Yi) arrives in town with his gang, Chin Chai cannot hide from his past any longer as he must overcome it to beat Chung Tung and stop his opium dealing dead in its tracks.