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東西南北風 (1972)
Four Winds

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/14/2001
Summary: Quite good

I am at a bit of a loss to fully describe this film, mainly because the VCD was unable to play the soundtrack. Som having watched this film as asilent movie, here goes......

Also, an intertitle appears about every 15 minutes, with swirling smoke and a brief Chinese-only message. What follows each intertitle is clearly a jump forward in time of several years, but the characters sometimes change names after these as well. For instance the main char, Chun, becomes David Lee after one of them. So there could be an early version of the recent SLIDING DOORS going on somewhere.....

This confusion means some of the broad-brush elements are very unclear. Howeverm the fine detail is all nicely clear and readable.

The first story is highly entertaining. Chun and Hui Hui are married, and his parents immediately start haranguing him for a grandchild. It seems this is their only topic of conversation, but the couple want to wait. When the pregnancy finally happens, the oldies cheer and the wife nearly flips out. Chun then asks his boss for a raise, but not only is he knocked back, but he is approached to be involved in a sting to catch his boss, who is a drug dealer.

The second story is just as entertaining and nearly as wild. The third and fourth are somewhat of a let-down.

This film is very much a vehicle for O Chun Hung (star and producer). He plays the role of handsome young leading man to the hilt, and the result is pleasing.

btw, dating the film at 1971 was courtesy of two movie posters featured in the film. The first is a shot of Bruce Lee in full flight, dating it between 1971 and 73. The second is The Last Picture Show, which proves it is 1971.

Reviewer Score: 6