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千刀萬里追 (1977)

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 04/30/2018
Summary: Palace intrigue and betrayal, mediocrely done...

Dynasty is a somewhat typically-plotted Taiwanese movie about a mission for revenge taken on by a survivor of a family massacre. High-kicking Dorian Tan plays the monk Tan Sao-Chin, who attempts to kill the top Eunuch in the Ming dynasty, Tsao, after he drives Prince Chiu from power and kills most of his family and retainers. Meanwhile, palace intrigue and in-fighting among generals and aides to Eunuch Tsao result in one of his closest attendants (David Tang Wei) questioning his own role and loyalty.

Another revenge-themed film that doesn’t do anything to make itself stand out from the multitude of other similar movies, other than the fact that it was originally released with 3D effects. Unfortunately now they are a distraction and painfully obvious. Dorian Tan is adequate, but doesn’t really get to show off his kicking ability in any memorable scenes. Pai Ying has an interesting role as Eunuch Tsao, especially in his scenes that certainly convey a romantic relationship with David Tang Wei’s character, Liang Tsi-Wu. Liang doesn’t seem to feel the same way, but uses the attraction to solidify his own position, especially with jockeying for power among the generals. There are also some exotic weaponry used, such as a clawed clamp that decapitates enemies similar to the flying guillotine, and a suit of armour that becomes a massive, bladed boomerang.

Reviewer Score: 5