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四兩搏千斤 (1978)
A Notorious Ex-Monk

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 09/04/2004

Ling Chu Fei (John Liu) is a lawman who arrives in town to track down a bandit Monk who is responsible for 18 bank robberies and 20 deaths. Ling Chu Fei gets assistance from a local named Chow Li Chin (Blacky Ko) to help track down the Monk in exchange for some gung fu lessons. Eventually, the “Ex” Monk begins hatching his little plan by framing up and killing those who may be able to expose his identity. Eventually, the Ex-Monk, known has Chi Gung (Alan Hsu), has his cover blown by Ling Chu Fei and now he must face him and Chow Li Chin in a showdown to the death. Decent flick.