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新南拳北腿 (1981)
The New South Hand Blows and North Kick Blows

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 01/10/2003

Shao Yu Pai (John Liu) is out to find his brother's killer. At first all the evidence points to Lu Tung Chung (Alexander Lo), but with the help of a wood carver, Lee Erh (Chin Lung), Shao Yu Pai comes to realize that his brother's killer is not Lu, the Southern Fist. After some bloody showdowns with assassins in which the murderer's name of Shao Yu Pai's brother is dropped, the threesome (Lu Tung Chung, Shao Yu Pai, and Lee Erh) go to challenge the villain, Chu Pai Tien (Robert Tai), in a duel to the death.