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NV (1979)
Invincible Kung Fu

Reviewed by: MasterArts
Date: 06/19/2002
Summary: Same cast from My 12 kung fu kicks..well....

Bruce Leung and the other two guys are back in this delightful comedy. Too cliche??? Well, this movie starts up with super fast Bruce(Leung) showing his impressive stuff. What an underrated actor. His knuckles for some reason are very beefed up. He definitely outshines everyone here and in most of his films. But the comedy here is much more funny than My 12 kung fu kicks, surprising that there isn't any bootlegs of this one yet. Oh yeah, Bolo plays in here as well, but gets stomped quite early(worth mentioning). Not to spoil the movie, the plot is very different. Martial arts wise, there are a lot of memorable kung fu scenes that kicks a**. A high quality kung fu flick that keeps you asking for more. 8 out of 10 for those asking.

Reviewer Score: 8