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奪命刺客 (1974)
Call Him Mr. Shatter

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 04/28/2011

This co-production between England's Hammer and Hong Kong's Shaw Brothers studios had a troubled trip to the screen. Director Monte Hellman apparently had a tough time communicating with the Hong Kong crew, a situation that was exacerbated by star Stuart Whitman's taste for the local watering holes. This led to Hellman being fired, replaced with producer Michael Carreras, and the film being quickly rushed to theatres. As you might expect, the end results aren't all that spectacular.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 01/12/2007
Summary: troubled production

An infamously troubled production, Call Him Mr. Shatter is the second film of a two picture co-production deal that Shaw Studios made with Britain’s Hammer Films, which also included the cult hit The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires. American filmmaker Monte Hellman was hired to direct the film which features Shaw Studios stars Ti Lung and Lily Li Li-Li alongside American, British, and European actors. Filmed entirely in Hong Kong, the picture makes good use of the locations around the island.

In the aftermath of Bruce Lee’s death, Ti Lung gives the viewer his best shot at imitating the legendary star. He gives a good martial arts performance, the fight scenes are pretty good. Ms. Li seems to struggle with her English dialogue. Stuart Whitman’s performance is horrible. At this point in his career, this actor was better suited to American television series than to being any kind of action hero, or anti-hero which is the case in this mediocre Don Houghton screenplay.

Hellman and his English-speaking camera crew had problems with the Shaw’s factory style production methods. He was fired from the movie and replaced by British producer Michael Carreras. The finished film is pretty sloppy. Editing is off just a beat, holding some takes too long and others not long enough. Originally released in Britain under the title Shatter, the film was re-titled for its international release and made it to Hong Kong theatres in 1980.

[En español] Una producción infame problemas, Call Him Mr. Shatter es la segunda película de una imagen de dos co-producción de acuerdo que los estudios Shaw hizo con Hammer Films de Gran Bretaña, que también incluyó el éxito de culto La leyenda de los 7 vampiros de oro. Cineasta estadounidense Monte Hellman fue contratado para dirigir la película, que cuenta con los estudios Shaw estrellas Ti Lung y Lily Li Li-Li junto estadounidenses, británicos, y los actores europeos. Filmada enteramente en Hong Kong, la imagen hace un buen uso de los lugares alrededor de la isla.

A raíz de la muerte de Bruce Lee, Ti Lung da al espectador la mejor oportunidad de imitar a la legendaria estrella. Él le da un buen rendimiento en artes marciales, las escenas de lucha son bastante buenos. La Sra. Li parece que luchar con su diálogo Inglés. Rendimiento de Stuart Whitman es horrible. Llegados a este punto en su carrera, este actor era más adecuado para la serie de televisión estadounidense que de ser de cualquier tipo de héroe de acción, o anti-héroe que es el caso en este mediocre guión de Don Houghton.

Hellman y su Inglés de habla equipo de filmación tuvo problemas con los métodos de la producción de la fábrica de Shaw de estilo. Él fue despedido de la película y se sustituye por el productor británico Michael Carreras. La película terminada es bastante descuidado. La edición es de sólo un golpe, la celebración de alguna toma demasiado tiempo y otros no lo suficiente. Originalmente lanzado en Gran Bretaña bajo el título de Shatter, la película fue retitulada para su lanzamiento internacional y llegó a Hong Kong los cines en 1980.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 08/12/2002

Stuart Whitman plays Shatter, an American hired gun who kills an African Dictator and his assistant. Thinking that the job is signed, sealed, and delivered, Shatter takes off to Hong Kong where he expects to collect his payment for the knock-off. Soon as he steps off the plane, he notices oddly enough that somebody is trying to kill him. Compounding this matter, Shatter’s point of contact in Hong Kong is not even trying to give him his hard earned cash and double crosses him! Later, Shatter finds out that he was duped into killing the African Dictator, and that his so called employer wasn't the U.S. Government, but rather a big time crime syndicate. Now with what it seems like everyone in Hong Kong out to see Shatter floating in Hong Kong’s harbor, Shatter, teams up with a kind-hearted gung fu Master named Tai Pah (Ti Lung) and his lovely friend, Mai Mee (Li Li-Li) to find some answers and to get paid in full.