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盲龍啞虎 (1982)
Warriors of Kung Fu

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 12/08/2005
Summary: One of the best Korean old school movies ever made

A Korean production dubbed and ripped off by Joseph Lai IFD productions. This is probably some of Casanova Wong's finest work in Korea, where he plays a blind swords man who finds his brother, a mute, as they avenge the death of their father and their disabilities, which was carried out by a rebel, the ever useless but provocative Kim Ki Chu. This is one of the few Korean movies, along with Wonderman from Shaolin(1977), where the fights aren't undercranked, an dthe kicks are shot beautifully in slow motion. The final fight on teh snowy mountain is a beautifully shot. An above average movie with great acting, script, and production values. Incidently, the Korean veteran actor Li Yi Min played a blind chracter in the dreadful Dragon, the Young Master(1979), which was made the same year, as he is similar to Casanova's character in this movie, where Min carries the same cane sword as Casanova does in this movie. One of the best old school Korean kung fu movies ever made. ****/*****

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 01/19/2004

I’m not into Korean Martial Art flicks but since Casanova Wong is in the flick, I decided to give this flick a try. Casanova Wong plays this guy who reminds you of the Zatoichi films minus the sword. This flick is all about revenge. An evil man named Chang Wu To (Chin Chi Chu) and his group of thugs beat up and kill old Master Yu for his “Magic Sword”. In the process, Chang makes mince meat of Yu’s two sons by making one blind and the other one a mute. Many years past with the two brothers being split up and taught gung fu by two different Masters. After the boys have mastered their trade, they reunite, and then set off to kill Chang Wu To and his buddies one by one until their Father’s death is avenged.