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七十二煞星 (1978)
The 72 Desperate Rebels

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 08/27/2006
Summary: Enjoyable mediocre movie.

The Emperor's spy (Wei Tze-Yung), the daughter of the killed governor Shih Han (Wei Hai-Min), a mysterious mercenary (Wan Shan) and a blind swordsman (Lung Fei) team up to defeat chief pirate (Bai Ying), leader of the 72 Desperate Rebels, but eventually it will be his daughter (Yang Hsiu-Chian) who will decide the end of the movie. This mediocre movie has nice imaginative touches and a very good planning direction... excepting in the mediocre action scenes, which are not well directed - What a pity!
Also, it hasn't a standard climactic "end combat" - Even worse!
Anyway I wasn't bored at all, this film had its "je ne sais quoi" which made it very enjoyable to my eyes.

Reviewer Score: 6