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愛殺 (1993)
Fatal Love

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/06/2001
Summary: So-so and confusing cheapie

More characters than a long-running soap opera in this curious ensemble crime thriller with bits of soft porn tossed in at random.

The large number of characters and shifting viewpoints make it hard to follow at times, and the subtitles frequently drop out, making even harder !

Is it worth paying attention ? Well, I didn't lose much sleep over the fine detail, but I was looking at other stuff. This film features a few actors I like.

I'll watch anything which bears the luscious Chan Wing Chi's name. Unfortunately, she is wasted here. For one, they put her in that awful pudding-bowl haircut which doesn't suit her at all, and compound the felony by taking her out of the film after 19 minutes. The (unknown) actress who replaces her, after her character has plastic surgery is quite pretty, but not a patch on Wing Chi.

Rena Otomo is one of the busiest Japanese actresses in HK and Taiwan, and she has a few scenes here, including some very nice full nudity. Sui Yuk Lung was a promising actor in the mid-80s, but he fell into this sort of cheapie rut and hasn't escaped - he plays a small part.

It is strange that these three fairly well known B-actors are given top billing, while being essentially guest stars. Stranger still is that Cho Boon Feng and Choi Wang are uncredited, and play fairly prominent parts. Cho is a terrific bit-part actor, a big grimacing baldy, whom I think of as Taiwan's answer to Tsui Kam Kong. And Choi Wang is a former support actor in many fu films of the 70s and 80s.

Though the story mainly tries to be a crime thriller (though it's light-on for thrills), there's a decent amount of nudity. A baby-faced doll shows brief full frontal at 37 minutes, in a dream sequence. Rena shows all at 44 and 72 minutes in a more leisurely and longer exposure, and the actress who plays Donna gets wet in a nice shower scene at 50 minutes.

And, in case there's any doubt, this is definitely NOT the same-named film of the same year featuring Ellen Chan and Michael Wong.

Reviewer Score: 5