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大地雙英 (1972)
The Brothers

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/18/2003
Summary: Great travelogue, but .......

First, the good news. This film has smashing cinematography. Being a HK/Thai co-production (most of the crew and support cast are Thai), you can guess there'd be some location shots in Thailand, but there are tons. Some nice stuff around Bangkok, then lots of beautiful images of northern Thailand, mainly around Chiangmai, filmed in 1973, before the place had started to grow and become a tourist trap. The train station at Chiangmai is little more than a shed with tracks, and with no platforms ! The cameraman, who is also the director, was very keen on showing off his native land.

But you want to hear about how good this film is from a kung fu viewpoint ? Well, the news is not so good. The plot concerns a family feud. Two half-brothers (does that make one whole brother ?) are reunited after a long break, only to perpetuate an old feud, which is set alight by their desire for the same woman.

Sounds like good fodder for lots of fisticuffs ? Well, I sat through an hour of this film, and saw only a little of that, but plenty of overheated melodrama and annoying silly kiddy music. I'm afraid even the gorgeous scenery of my favourite overseas destination, pre tourist rush, wasn't enough to hold interest till the end.

Reviewer Score: 2