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俠士鏢客殺手 (1977)
The Chivalry, the Gunman and Killer

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/01/2003
Summary: Very muddled

The first half hour of this all-star epic meanders through about four sets of characters, finally introducing the star, Ngok Wa, as a gentleman of leisure and man of honour, who burns down his castle and gives away his money to his favourite singing girl when a couple of strangers turn up. Things don't become a whole lot clearer over the next half hour, and I finally gave up around that time.

I think the director and writers didn't really know what to do with this one. I think it's meant to be a sword-fighting confuser (an easily identified sub-genre of Taiwanese cinema), but this one is much too strong on the confusion.
There's even a singing and dancing number near the beginning !

Interesting if you like looking at the faces, of which there are many, but little other interest.

Reviewer Score: 3