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烈日狂風 (1973)
Stormy Sun

Reviewed by: clansman2003
Date: 03/11/2003
Summary: Best one for Partership of Chang yi and Pai ying

There is another movie for the partership of Chang Yi and Pai Ying.

The story happened in 30's I think. It is about Chang went to a place for killing a Japanese officer who sent his soldiers to kill his whole family, and rape his younger sister. Pai Ying (This time he is not a bad guy for facing to Chang) has a chinese government officer who responses to kill the japanese guy, too... The end of the story is pretty the same. The guy got death finally...

The fighting scene of the movie is really more exciting, compared to the other movie which starred by Chang yi and Pai Ying. Unluckily, It is really so bad that the movie is just english version only, no chinese version, even though subtitles into it... for the time I saw. I don't know the chinese name of it. I just watched the movie luckily in somewhere in Vancouver, Canada...

I know that the producer is Raymond Chow Man Wai in Golden Harevst but I dunno it's whether distributed by Golden Harvest...