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忍無可忍 (1984)
The Super Ninja

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 05/16/2014
Summary: Ninja version of ''First Blood''

Alexander Lo Rei as John Rambo and Jack Long as Colonel Trautman, who can ask for anything more? Unfortunately, the ninja scenes of the film are not the best of Lo Rei's filmography.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 09/28/2005
Summary: This movie was made in 1986........

This movie was made in 1986, and it's a Korean/Hong Kong coproduction, similar to Ninja USA. Korean actor Philip Chang Yi Tao plays the villain, Lung Chung Ehr makes a comeback as Lo rei's girlfriend, Eugene Trammel is an Eddie Murphy lookalike(Trammel uses the same haircut and style That Murphy used in Beverly Hills Cop 2, which was made a year later!?!?!?!), and Jack Lung makes an appearance as Lo Rei's sifu. This ninja movie is shot particular fast and sloppy, but the wonderful duel between Lo Rei and Eugene Trammel against Chang Yi Tao is impressive, although Chang looks a little awkward on his feet when compared to his destructive and incredible kicking ability he displayed in Young Taoism Fighter. The Ocean Shores VHS/DVD is edits out a sex scene and the scene sthat lead to it. The European version is titled Killers Invincible, is uncut, and lists Filmark International as the production company(which isn't seen in the Ocean Shores version). There is a Korean version edited for the Korean audience, but it is currently out of print. HK Gweilo veteran Mimmo Gaspari has a cameo as the US president's son who attempts to rape a woman, but is beaten to the punch by Lo Rei and Trammel. Don't ask about the story. Just shut up and enjoy the cheese. If you don't have anything to watch, it's enjoyable viewing. **1/2/*****