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CL (1982)
Pink Force Commando

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/19/2002
Summary: Great start, but .........

All of Chu Yin Ping trademark wild insanity is here. Elsa Yeung wears an elaborate black ballgown from the Oscars, Sally is dressed in tied shirt and jeans, an Brigitte (credited as Venus) changes clothes often. The opening scene is a war zone, then it moves into a town with a circus. The period seems to keep changing, from the old west to the mid-50s to the 80s and back. No semblance of a sensible plot, made even more so by the lack of subtitles.

But, surprisingly, there's not as much action as I was lead to expect, and there are really long dead spots. I gave up after 45 minutes.

Reviewer Score: 2