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ޮ (1974)
The Assignment

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/07/2002
Summary: Doesn't hold interest

This fim has all the ingredients of a not-bad chop-sockey. Smouldering looks. Really bad villains. Plenty of fighting, punching and kicking, and some of it fairly well-choreographed.

But the result is rather .... dull. It might be that the apparent central character, the bandit, is kind of vaguely a baddie, but not mean enough to be a real bastard, while not being sympathetic enough for me to give a hoot about what happened to him.

The film seemed to be an almost-continuous stream of meaningless punch-ups and little else. I suppose this makes it better than a really talky chop socky with little action, but I couldn't watch it more than a third of the way.

Reviewer Score: 1