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追命殺手 (1971)
Blood and Guts

Reviewed by: MasterArts
Date: 03/06/2002

I thought that this movie was very fun to watch. Even though the fight choreography was very slow and poorly done(a lot of flailing). But considering the time it was made(1971), there weren't many other films that had good fight choreography. Wire works added more laughter to the scenes, mainly because you could see the wires(clearly). An old Hag wants a folk hero(Devils Knight) killed for the possession of the 9 yin book. But this hero is too good for everybody in the flick. And, theres a lot of invincible(supposedly) villains. Which just get there butt whipped like they don't know Kung fu at all. But, they did have good introductions. But, if your a serious Kung fu fanatic, you won't like this one at all. On the other hand if you need a good laugh, and a handful of action scenes, this will be a good couple hours to kill. Although, you will have to have a very good sense of humor.