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Ĺ (2001)
The Enemy

Reviewed by: Dyogenez
Date: 05/06/2002
Summary: Failing Drama

Although under the heading 'Triad' this is really a drama movie. Chun, a heroic police officer who does not fear death, tracks down a criminal only to find that his girlfriend is Fei-Fei, his former lover. In the final arrest, Fei-Fei is cast down in the street and temporarily loses her sight. She contacts a friend of hers, Yeung, who takes her in and helps her. Yeung and Chun know each other from a radio show taht introduced both characters. Masquerading as Yeungs stupid, and quient boyfriend, Chen gets close to Fei-Fei and learns why she left him long ago while developing feelings for Yeung. There is no real police action in this movie except for the arrest scene and a very short scene at the end. It is completely a love story, and a story of characters comming to terms with their own mortality and flaws.

This is a cute romance, but I found it boring and predictable. I said to myself a number or things, and they all proceeded to come true. The witty dialog at many points is one of the only saving graces. Sunny Chan Kam Hung, Micheal in ComeUppance, as Chun played a good part although the character does not change much over the course of the movie. Much of the movie deals with this change in his personality, dealing with what it takes to be truely happy for oneself. 4/10.