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致命性騷擾 (2002)
Devil Touch

Reviewed by: bastardswordsman
Date: 03/18/2002

I'm not sure when this film was lensed, but its welcome appearance could not be more timely. In light of recent events (the ENRON/Global Crossing/Anderson scandal, during which a key ENRON employee mysteriously "committed suicide" - another testifying that she is scared for her life), corporate thriller DEVIL TOUCH could not be more on-topic, be it coincidental or just another instance of HK producers having their fingers on the commercial pulse. Although films such as THE INSIDER and THE FIRM have touched down on slightly similar ground before, what could previously be perceived as far-fetched fantasy all of a sudden become plausible reality (1. Except in reality the multinationals always get someone to do their dirty work for them. 2. Not that that is relevant when it comes to making a film).

Either way, it's a tight little feature, only losing its way toward the end when the endless double-crossing all becomes a bit too much to ingest (in the way of detail). The cast are competent - without exception really - and the slick direction betrays the film's B-movie status. Alex Fong in particular stands out for credit, as would be expected and Pinky Cheung also performs with a great maturity and sex-appeal by the gallon.

In London, the usual rhyming slang used in place of the word 'wrong' has been 'Pete Tong' - perhaps it is time to adopt 'Enron' in its place. Enough corporation bashing - absolutely recommended.